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Keston Boiler Installation

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We always try to encourage environmentally friendly heating solutions not only because they’re responsible but they’re good for your pocket, too. Less wasted heat means less wasted electricity, and in Winter, that can mean a lot less on your bill. We’ve just finished a new Keston boiler installation in Bristol, having removed the old cast iron boiler. The new high efficiency boiler was installed along with new controls and wiring.
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Commercial Heating Project Completed

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The complete heating of offices and the warehouse has been completed in the Bristol area, including the installation of new hot, cold water and above ground waste system, controls and gas pipework.
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Cheddar Hot Water

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We’ve just finished the installation of a heating, hot, cold water and waste system in Cheddar.  The project entailed multiple boiler installations along with radiators, zone valves, and associated pipework and controls.

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