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Ideal Way to Tackle Energy Efficiency.

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When we were asked  by One Facility Ltd, to install a new heating system which would ensure the company’s MBDA site in Bristol was as energy efficient as possible we used the Imax W 100kW boiler by Ideal.  The existing heating system at the site comprised two banks of five boilers, which served the radiators and heating batteries in the air handling units. The Imax was chosen as it had an adaptable flue system and was wall/frame mountable, and the high output allowed us to reduce the number of boilers required to six, thus saving additional space.

The boilers have been installed for a number of years and have shown a good return to the customer on capital outlay, this demonstrates the cost savings that are available when changing the boilers from traditional cast iron standard efficiency to condensing boilers.

If you would like further information on how we can improve your existing heating system or install a new energy  efficient system  please contact us on 0117 955 8364.

The new boilers installed, looking side on.

The new boilers installed, looking side on.