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Why Is Yearly Boiler Maintenance So Vital?

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We rarely appreciate how important our boilers are until they break down, and it always seems to happen on the coldest, wettest night of the year! Keeping your boiler maintained even when you don’t need it ensures that it’s working well when you do, so don’t take your system for granted! How can regular boiler maintenance benefit you?

Saving You Money In The Long Run

Servicing your boiler and giving it the attention it needs might cost you a little bit in the present but will save you a fortune on call out fees or even a brand new model in the future. Keeping your boiler running at optimum efficiency or treating it to an upgrade will even help you save money on your long term fuel bills as your machine will be burning less energy to get the job done right, so do your boiler and your bank account a favour and be sure to get it checked.

Making Your Health a Priority

We all know the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning, it’s the silent killer that strikes when we least expect it. To maintain your safety in your home or business it is vital to make sure all of your gas appliances are regularly checked, if you are landlord this is a legal requirement. Gas leaks can be difficult to detect before it’s too late, the risk of fires and explosions is not something to be taken lightly, regular maintenance and servicing saves lives and ensures you get a professional opinion on the condition of your appliances.

Keeping Your Insurance Valid

If your boiler is insured it might be worth checking the policy as most come with conditions, and one is that you provide regular maintenance. If your boiler breaks down and you can’t prove you’ve provided it with regular checks your insurance will be void and you’ll be left footing the bill yourself.

Here at Unitary Engineering Services our highly experienced and professional team undertake your boiler maintenance so you can be assured your boiler is in complete working order when you need it most. For more information on our first class heating and plumbing services be sure to get in touch on 0117 955 8364 or online and a member of our highly dedicated and professional team will be happy to help.

When Should You Replace Your Boiler?

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Your boiler accounts for over half of what you spend on energy every year within your home, replacing your boiler with an energy efficient model is the best way for you to lower your monthly bills without cutting out the heat. It has been proven that investing in an energy efficient boiler could cut your costs by as much as 40%; it’s an investment today that will pay for itself in the long term. (more…)