Common Causes of Winter Boiler Breakdowns

Your boiler will undoubtedly be working hard during the cold winter months and as a result is the time of year when the chances of your boiler suffering a breakdown are at their highest. It is worrying and stressful when you suffer a boiler breakdown on a cold winter’s day yet if you know why these units tend to stop working, you will be better equipped to handle the problem without panicking. We at Unitary Engineering Services Limited have therefore made a list of few reasons why boilers tend to stop working during the winter months.


Pilot Light Going Off


One of the major problems that people face is the pilot light extinguishing. This usually happens due to a blockage or a problem with the boiler’s ignition system. Our professionals will follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to get the pilot light working, however if this doesn’t work, more significant repair work is likely to be required.


Frozen Pipes


Winter means everything freezing around you, including exterior pipes. If this happens, water will not make its way into the boiler and you won’t have heating or hot water from the taps. If you do believe that your exterior pipes are frozen, don’t attempt to thaw them yourself; instead call on one of our professionals to tackle the problem.


Blockage or Sludge Build-up


Sediments can accumulate in the boiler, resulting in poor circulation of water. As a result of this, your heating system and its efficiency will be affected. Blockages or sludge build-up requires proper cleaning and maintenance of your boiler, so it should be completed by a specialist.


Sounds Emanating from the Boiler


When you turn on your boiler ahead of the winter months, you may hear a few unusual sounds which is usually due to sludge build-up that causes uneven distribution of water. This can make your boiler work inefficiently and also cause it to overheat so call us to clean out the sludge and get your boiler working effectively and efficiently.


We at Unitary Engineering Services Limited can repair, maintain and install boilers, and are experts in diagnosing all manner of boiler problems before taking the necessary corrective measures quickly and efficiently. Whether you are a homeowner, landlord or a commercial enterprise, you should call us if you are facing issues with your boiler as we will repair your boiler at an affordable price. Our technicians are fully trained and insured, and are available 24 hours a day so don’t let winter blues get you down when you can rely on our trustworthy, fast and efficient service.


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