The Key to Keeping your Boiler Running During Winter

As the winters are becoming more treacherous with each year, it is vital that we make sure our boilers are kept in the best condition possible. This means that there should be no cold nights huddling to keep warm and no business or school closures due to a broken down boiler. There are many ways to make sure that your boiler is kept running throughout the cold months and here at Unitary Engineering Services we are able to offer our expert advice.


We are one of the leading firms within our industry for the area in which we work. You can therefore be certain that the advice that we give is professional. The main thing which you can do which should take place throughout the year is maintenance and servicing. These are vital for keeping your boiler running as engineers will spot any problems that may be occurring and could sort these before any major breakdown occurs.


Many problems that occur happen due to the cold weather causing water pipes to freeze or even break. To avoid this as much as you can, insulate your water tank and pipes as well as possible. You can purchase a tank jacket for a small amount so it will not break the bank, and perhaps invest in insulation for the pipes too. This could save you a huge amount in the long run and prevent large bills from incurring during the winter months.


One final helping hand that could be used to protect your boiler is that of a Scale Guard. These have becoming hugely popular as many of us are supplied with hard water and this can cause lime scale problems which can have disastrous consequences. This water conditioner stops a build-up of lime scale occurring and can help your boiler and piping to keep running efficiently for much longer.


If you would like any information on the servicing and maintenance services that we offer, call us on 0117 955 8364.

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