Maintaining Your School During The Summer

When is the perfect time of year to undertake some serious school maintenance tasks? During the summer, the children are away and the corridors are empty so it’s time to make sure everything’s in full working order for the autumn term. School summer maintenance tasks are varied, the summer can be utilised to undertake building work, renovations, repairs and essential checks on systems and appliances, most pressingly boilers.

The boiler is a vital component of any building, not least a school. It may not seem to be of great importance during the summer when the weather is hot but when autumn falls and the children return to school the weather will start to chill and if a break down occurs it will be significantly more complicated to fix during working hours. Schools must comply with legal temperature requirements, these vary depending on region but generally schools shouldn’t fall below 16°C so if a boiler breaks down on a freezing day children will have to be sent home and the school will have to be closed.

Maintaining your heating system isn’t just about avoiding future breakdowns, it can also be about saving you money. If your school has had the same system for years it might be time to upgrade to a more efficient model, modern boilers can come equipped with thermostats and temperature controls so you can run your school more energy efficiently.

Whatever your summer maintenance needs we at Unitary Engineering Services can help. We offer you complete and impartial advice on the best heating system for your school and are specialists in boiler repair. We have been servicing and installing boilers in schools for years so you can trust our engineers for complete professionalism and dedication so if you’re undergoing essential school maintenance this summer phone us today on 0117 955 8364 or get in touch online to speak to a member of our team.

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