The Advantages Of Installing Underflooring Heating Systems

As the cold winter months get closer, many of us are looking for ways of making our homes more comfortable and resistant to the effects of the elements. In northern European countries, underfloor heating systems are commonplace, and due to their effectiveness and their increasing affordability they are also making their way into many UK homes.

But just what is it about these innovative heating systems that is making them so popular? In our latest article here at Unitary Engineering Services, we look at how your home can benefit from installing one of these fantastic underfloor heating systems.
More Effective Heating Overall
Underfloor heating is a radiant energy system, which means that the heat is created from the ground up. Radiant heat is easily absorbed by every surface in the room, as opposed to convective heating forms (such as radiators), which push hot air towards the ceiling while other areas remain cool and dry.
With underfloor heating systems, no heat is lost in the higher parts of the room and there are no draughts, so you get to enjoy more even temperatures and distribution of heat throughout your home.
Lower Energy Bills
To work efficiently, radiators often need water heated at 70-80°C, whereas underfloor heating uses water at lower temperature (usually 60°C ). These systems are more energy efficient and can reduce your energy bills by up to 20 per cent. The efficiency of the heating also means that, as well as heating needing to be distributed less intensely, it also doesn’t need to run for as long to create a comfortable temperature – further reducing the overall running cost.
Enhanced Comfort And Well-Being
Once you step into a home fitted with underfloor heating you will simply not want to try anything else. The enhanced comfort that this heating system provides in bathrooms or bedrooms is enough of a reason to invest in it; there’s nothing quite like stepping onto a warm bathroom floor on a cold winter morning!
If you suffer from allergies or asthma, this heating system can reduce your symptoms too, as they don’t accumulate dust particles like radiators do, and don’t dry out the air with excessive overheating.
More Usable Space
Although not many homeowners stop to think about it, radiators can take up considerable space in a house. By installing underfloor heating you will benefit from a totally unobtrusive heating system that could give you up to 15 per cent more usable space.
If you are considering getting an underfloor heating system fitted in your home, don’t take chances with the installation. Here at Unitary Engineering Services, we have over three decades of experience offering plumbing and heating solutions, including underfloor heating, drainage systems, boiler servicing and installation, gas inspections, as well as fitting heat pumps and other renewable energy solutions, such as solar panels. For all your heating and plumbing needs, contact our team of fully-qualified technicians and we will be happy to assist you.

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