Why Is Yearly Boiler Maintenance So Vital?

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We rarely appreciate how important our boilers are until they break down, and it always seems to happen on the coldest, wettest night of the year! Keeping your boiler maintained even when you don’t need it ensures that it’s working well when you do, so don’t take your system for granted! How can regular boiler maintenance benefit you?

Saving You Money In The Long Run

Servicing your boiler and giving it the attention it needs might cost you a little bit in the present but will save you a fortune on call out fees or even a brand new model in the future. Keeping your boiler running at optimum efficiency or treating it to an upgrade will even help you save money on your long term fuel bills as your machine will be burning less energy to get the job done right, so do your boiler and your bank account a favour and be sure to get it checked.

Making Your Health a Priority

We all know the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning, it’s the silent killer that strikes when we least expect it. To maintain your safety in your home or business it is vital to make sure all of your gas appliances are regularly checked, if you are landlord this is a legal requirement. Gas leaks can be difficult to detect before it’s too late, the risk of fires and explosions is not something to be taken lightly, regular maintenance and servicing saves lives and ensures you get a professional opinion on the condition of your appliances.

Keeping Your Insurance Valid

If your boiler is insured it might be worth checking the policy as most come with conditions, and one is that you provide regular maintenance. If your boiler breaks down and you can’t prove you’ve provided it with regular checks your insurance will be void and you’ll be left footing the bill yourself.

Here at Unitary Engineering Services our highly experienced and professional team undertake your boiler maintenance so you can be assured your boiler is in complete working order when you need it most. For more information on our first class heating and plumbing services be sure to get in touch on 0117 955 8364 or online and a member of our highly dedicated and professional team will be happy to help.

When Should You Replace Your Boiler?

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Your boiler accounts for over half of what you spend on energy every year within your home, replacing your boiler with an energy efficient model is the best way for you to lower your monthly bills without cutting out the heat. It has been proven that investing in an energy efficient boiler could cut your costs by as much as 40%; it’s an investment today that will pay for itself in the long term. (more…)

Ideal Way to Tackle Energy Efficiency.

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When we were asked  by One Facility Ltd, to install a new heating system which would ensure the company’s MBDA site in Bristol was as energy efficient as possible we used the Imax W 100kW boiler by Ideal.  The existing heating system at the site comprised two banks of five boilers, which served the radiators and heating batteries in the air handling units. The Imax was chosen as it had an adaptable flue system and was wall/frame mountable, and the high output allowed us to reduce the number of boilers required to six, thus saving additional space.

The boilers have been installed for a number of years and have shown a good return to the customer on capital outlay, this demonstrates the cost savings that are available when changing the boilers from traditional cast iron standard efficiency to condensing boilers.

If you would like further information on how we can improve your existing heating system or install a new energy  efficient system  please contact us on 0117 955 8364.

The new boilers installed, looking side on.

The new boilers installed, looking side on.

Be Safe, Not Sorry

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For many of us gas is integral to our daily lives; we rely on it for the most mundane but essential tasks, from heating our homes to cooking our food, it is this reliance that makes it imperative that we both feel and remain safe. If gas appliances are inexpertly installed and/or maintained the damage can be lethal, from gas leaks and fires to carbon monoxide poisoning and explosions, so be aware of the danger signals and take the right steps to maintain your security.


Spot the Signs

Be vigilant; if you spot any of the following signs it’s time to get safety checked:

• Increased room condensation • Black, sooty marks appearing around appliances • Weak yellow flames that should be blue • Frequently extinguishing pilot light


Don’t Be Too Trusting

It is illegal for anyone not on the Gas Safety Register to work on gas appliances in the UK, when an engineer comes to your home always ask to check their I.D taking extra care to check their photo and the expiry date.


Invest in Alarms

Carbon monoxide is an invisible killer; it is colourless, odourless and tasteless. It is formed when the combustion of fossil fuels is incomplete, so in the home it occurs when appliances like boilers don’t burn fuels properly, and the right quantity is lethal to humans. Many ‘alarm’ systems involve colour changing strips to alert you to heightened levels of the gas, but as you are most susceptible when you sleep these are often of little use in an emergency; an audible alarm is the safest option.

If you develop any of the following symptoms get to fresh air immediately and seek medical help:

• Dizziness

• Nausea

• Breathlessness

• Collapsing/loss of consciousness

• Vomiting

• Chest and stomach pains

Limit your risk: make sure there is plenty of air available to better ensure gas combusts completely and safely and that outside flumes and ventilation bricks are not blocked so poisonous gases can’t build up.


At Unitary Engineering Services all of our engineers are Gas Safe Registered and can carry out inspections on all appliances and fittings; we make your safety our number one concern, for more information or to arrange an inspection contact us online or call us now on 0117 955 ­8364, remember: be safe, not sorry.

Environmentally Friendly Energy Sources

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We are all becoming more and more aware of environmental issues, and many homeowners have started to look for alternative ways to create warmth and electricity in a sustainable way.


Not only does renewable energy help to protect the environment, but it can also reduce your household bills, so that it quickly pays for itself.


Here’s an overview of the three main providers of domestic renewable energy:


Solar Panels

Solar panels work by converting the light of the sun into energy for your home. Because this system doesn’t rely on heat to function, solar panels work right through the winter months. Many households find that they produce so much energy through this method that they are able to sell some of the excess back to the national grid, which further increases the financial benefits of the investment.


Ground Source Heat Pumps
This system uses pipes buried underneath the ground in your garden to draw heat from the earth, which is then pumped through to your central heating and hot water systems. Known as ‘fit and forget’ technology, a ground source heat pump requires very little on-going maintenance.


Air Source Heat Pumps
This type of heat pump takes heat from the air, which means that the results are more heavily influenced by the changing seasons. However, air source heat pumps are much more compact than their underground cousin, and provide a more practical solution to homes that lack sufficient garden space for an extensive pipe network.


Here at Unitary Engineering Services we offer a full range of heating and plumbing services in the Bristol area and are pleased to offer you free, no obligation advice on the best type of renewable energy to suit your property and budget.


To find out more about how we can help you, call us today on 0117 955 8364 or fill in our online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Oil Tank Uprating to Current Standards

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UES have completed the uprating of a existing oil tank in Caldicot, the existing tank presented problems with filling for the oil companies and did not have the correct monitoring of the oil level.  UES have installed a new bespoke filling system along with bund and oil level alarms, to provide the client with a oil tank that can now be filled safely and monitored.

Winter Breakdowns – UES Responds

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During a very busy winter we have responded to more customers than ever before with breakdowns.  Our team of engineers have been working day and night to reach our customers on various heating and hot water problems.  If you require regular servicing or breakdown response please do not hesitate to contact us on 01179 55 83 64.

Gas Fired Boiler Installation

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We were approached by a company to help resolve their issue of inadequate heating in one of their properties.  We have installed a new Worcester system boiler along with 14no radiators complete with thermostatic radiator valves to provide a quick heat up in the area.


Warm Air Heating Installation Installed

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We have completed the installation of a Powrmatic Warm Air Heater in Bristol, the installation at a garage in the Kingswood area presented the issue of doors being opened to move cars in and out, and the company required a system that would achieve quick heat recovery.

Our installation was designed with this in mind and installed in 2 days, if you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Complete Commercial Oil Fired Heating System Installed

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We have recently completed the installation of a Commercial Oil Fired Warm Air Heating system, the project in Caldicot included the removal of the existing 5no warm air heaters, and oil storage tank.  The new installation was rationalised down to 3no heaters and de-strat fans along with a new 10,000 ltr bunded oil storage tank and twin oil pumps.  Our new system is controlled to give maximum performance matched with economical running.

If you would like further information on how we can improve your existing heating system or install a new energy  efficient system  please contact us on 0117 955 8364.