UES takes huge pride in diving into every project with the same level of excitement, attention to detail, and passion. We do this because we’ve seen the direct impact our work can have on the communities that surround the buildings we work on. Our clients span across a wide variety of sectors and industries, and time and time again we witness even the most minor upgrades make a major difference to the people they affect.

To help give back and make a positive difference to our community, we sponsor Community of Purpose, an organisation dedicated to transforming the lives and futures of young people. As well as being part of their Pennies for Purpose scheme, UES hosts an annual cricket tournament to raise funds for their Break Free initiative, helping eradicate holiday hunger over the Summer. Last year our cricket day, full of inflatables, food trucks, kids Olympics, ice cream and craft stalls raised over a massive £3100. We can’t wait to host our next day in September 2022 and hope to see you there.

Telephone: 0117 951 9020
Email: reception@unitaryengineering.com