Sustainability Pledge

Our industry finds itself in a particularly exciting time. As we progress towards net zero, we are surrounded by change. Renewable technologies are advancing at a rapid pace, and we are welcoming the opportunity to apply them wherever possible.

UES adopts a contemplative, holistic approach to sustainability, making sure that the services we provide prioritise long term benefits rather than short term wins. We study buildings as a whole, and realise that although adding a high-efficiency heat source to a building that is single glazed and poorly insulated may look like a great win, it may in fact lead to a long term loss. We always look at the bigger picture, and advise the correct steps accordingly. We are committed to making every system as efficient as possible.

Not only are we forward thinking in terms of the services we provide, but we also adopt a sustainable mindset to everything we do behind the scenes. We are proud members of Ecologi, an environmental organisation that helps us offset our carbon reduction and plant trees on our behalf. Through our membership with Ecologi, we have contributed towards reduced emissions worldwide, from Bulgaria, Chile and Vietnam, to Brazil, India and Mozambique.

Our fleet is powered by Coco+, the first carbon offsetting platform that enables us to offset our business travel impact. The platform supports the Bhadla Solar project in India, and is due to deliver nearly 20 million tonnes of emission reductions over its lifetime. It has a nationally significant impact on delivering clean energy across India. It is a gold standard project delivering significant benefits for local health, wealth and infrastructure as being the largest solar park in the world as of 2020, covering 14000 acres.


Solar panel installations, renewable services

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