Air Barriers

Enershield Air Barriers in UK

Enershield Air Barrier technology creates an effective seal on the doorway by re-circulating facility air in a smooth laminar flow, preventing the penetration of outdoor air. These barriers are designed to reduce heat loss, which will in turn help you to maintain a steady and comfortable working temperature. If you work in an environment where the doors are always open, then heat loss can be a costly problem, but an installation of Enershield air barriers from UES could transform your premises, and your heating bills.The practice of creating a “barrier” of warm air between hot and cold zones typically in entrances originally comes from Europe, where complex heated air-duct systems are engineered using powerful blower fans from above and extraction grids in the floor. This system is rarely energy efficient, and is expensive to install and operate. Enershield Air Barriers have evolved this concept to give maximum efficiency, minimal costs and simple installation.
Energy Saving Open doors account for a considerable amount of the energy loss in a building. A correctly installed Air Barrier dramatically reduces heat loss through the door – sometimes as much as 90%. An Air Barrier prevents cold draught that allows facilities to keep their doors open for extended periods in winter time, creating a more comfortable working environment thus saving a substantial amount of energy. It has also proved beneficial in certain situations to enhance manufacturing processes where atmosphere and temperature are critical. Download ENERSHIELD Brochure

Environmentally Friendly

In summer time Air Barriers can be run in order to keep hot air, dust and insects out. These units are often installed in connection with refrigerated rooms and coolers. Think efficient, think environment, think ENERSHIELD.

Installations in the Local Areas

Our expert team of plumbing and heating engineers don’t just offer the services that you might expect like boiler repair, but are also leading the way in providing modern, energy efficient technology to clients throughout the South West.

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