Case Study

Broadmead Baptist Church

An exciting part of the job is being able to visit amazing pieces of architecture and work in places that many people would never know are there. One of these places is Broadmead Baptist Church, where we couldn’t help but showcase some photos of the building as well as our recent boiler install.

This was our first project at the church. We were pleased to discover that we were found through a web search, and the church was won over by our attention to detail shown in previous case studies.

The 2no existing Ideal CXI 550 gas-fired conventional boilers at Broadmead Baptist Church had been installed around 20 years ago, running at 161kW each. One had been cannibalised to help keep the other boiler limp on, but this was simply not sustainable. After parts were starting to become obsolete and boiler breakdowns were occurring on a regular basis, it was evident a new and upgraded system would be very much welcomed.

The inside of Broadmead Baptist Church in the centre of Bristol
Commercial heating boiler install at Broadmead Baptist Church

UES seamlessly designed and installed 3no 100kW Vaillant boilers to provide a more reliable, cost-effective system. Only using a total of 300kW instead of the previous 322kW was challenged by another contractor who believed we had not allowed enough output for the system, however, due to the new boilers being highly efficient, we were confident in our calculations which later proved to be correct, outperforming the old system by a long stretch.

The new boilers were installed with the manufacturer’s hydraulics and rig, as well as a heat plate exchanger, protecting the new system from the old. This ensured the smaller waterways of the new boilers would not be affected by the existing system, further enhanced by additional filters.

Our happy client now has a state-of-the-art condensing boiler system able to deliver timed and temperature-controlled heating to various areas of the Church at a time when they need it most. The system reacts to the requirements of the property and adapts to the outside temperature. For example, if the church needs to be at 21 at 09.00 am, the system can work out when it needs to start heating to achieve this by understanding and incorporating the weather conditions outside.

With the boilers being much more efficient than the existing, our client is sure to make big future savings on this investment. We love working in buildings as beautiful as this and thoroughly look forward to our continued relationship with the church.

‘Tim and his staff at UES have been professional and friendly throughout the installation of our new boiler system. Their prices were competitive, and the boilers provided are far superior to the previous ones. We have been very happy with UES.’


Broadmead Baptist Church