Case Study

Fitness Worx – Warm Air Heater

This Warm Air Heater installation was the first project we had carried out for Fitness Worx, a fitness company with multiple gyms rolled out across the UK.  

This job was in their Bristol gym, where the building was failing to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the winter months. UES was called upon to survey the site and propose the most suitable solution to the problem, calculating the most efficient and affordable route for the client. 

Thanks to over 35 years of expertise in heating industrial spaces like this one, we were able to quickly formulate a plan and proposed that a warm air heater was the correct way to keep temperature levels optimised.

The inside of Broadmead Baptist Church in the centre of Bristol
Commercial heating boiler install at Broadmead Baptist Church

Suspended from the wall or ceiling, a huge advantage of warm air heaters is that they do not require any floor space. Warm air heating systems work by increasing the air temperature in a space, which consequently warms the people working there. 

To install the heater, gas pipework needed to be fitted around the perimeter of the building, and the controls to be upgraded. 

A frame was made for the new heater to hang on and the appliance was safely put into place.  

After being made live, the difference was immediate. The heater quickly filled the warehouse with warm air, and it was evident that this installation was going to make a dramatic difference to both the staff and customers at Fitness Worx.  

Three months after the installation, we visited Jack and asked him how the warm air heater had affected the space. 

‘I was initially apprehensive whether the size of the warm air heater would be adequate for keeping the whole gym warm, but UES got it spot on and it has worked like a dream ever since it was installed.

The best part about the heater is the timed and temperature-controlled heating, and how easy it is to use throughout the day. It allows me to focus on my daily operations whilst knowing that both staff and customers are as comfortable as possible.’

Jack Scott, Fitness Worx