Case Study

GCP Architects

This project was completed over the summer months for GCP Architects’ headquarters in Warmley. This was our first time carrying out works for GCP after meeting them through mutual connections based around our sponsorship at Gloucestershire Cricket Club. They had appointed us after receiving a West of England Green Business Grant, which helped them fund part of the contracted works. WECA grants support SMEs to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings and business operations, ultimately helping cut greenhouse gas emissions and help save money in the long run.

GCP wanted to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for their staff upon returning to the office. They asked us to install two mechanical heat recovery ventilation units, one to function in the main office space and one in the meeting room, to deliver a constant fresh air supply and ensure effective ventilation and improved air quality for all staff and visitors. The installation would accompany further office improvements that GCP were undertaking, some of it using the same funding, including replacing all of their old fluorescent lighting tubes for new LED lamps.

Mechanical heat ventilation units at GCP Architects fitted by Bristol based HVAC company UES
Commercial heating boiler install at Broadmead Baptist Church

UES seamlessly installed the units above the office ceiling panels, delivering each suit within a specific time frame to avoid disturbing ongoing office operations. The units are sizable and very heavy, which meant our engineers had to take an extra layer of care when installing them above the office furniture and equipment. Taking extra precautions to make sure our client’s possessions are kept safe and untouched is always at the top of our priority list.

The impact of the works has been noticeably beneficial for all of the staff at GCP. They have massively helped contribute towards a swift return to the office and filled the space with fresh air, increasing the well-being of everyone there. Increased air quality in the workspace can have a huge number of benefits leading to the direct betterment of comfort, health, well-being, and productivity.

Not only have the new units helped with the staff, but the environmental impact of the installation is huge. It’s estimated that over 2.1 tonnes of CO2 will be saved each year, reducing the office energy demand by 25%.

UES provided us with a tailor-made solution to improving the ventilation in our office. They cleverly adapted the existing ductwork in the ceiling void to save money and time for the new installation. We are delighted with the new filtered fresh air and it has been welcomed by the staff as part of our new back to the office plans.

Jonathan Platt

Managing Director, GCP Architects