Case Study

UWE – Science Labs

This gas pipework installation was for the University of the West of England on behalf of construction operators Graham’s. The project was carried out in October 2022. This is our first project that we have undertaken at UWE and the first project we have worked for on behalf of Graham’s.

The staff and students in the science labs were restricted with the experiments they were conducting due to a limited amount of Bunsen burner access points. They required further access points to be installed, and for the gas main, including the safety control devices, to be upgraded, as well as the gas mains to be purged.

The lab was a busy place with projects and experiments constantly in motion. It was important for all involved that UES could swiftly accommodate to UWE’s timetable and make sure there was absolutely no interruption to learning.

The inside of Broadmead Baptist Church in the centre of Bristol
Commercial heating boiler install at Broadmead Baptist Church

Our contracts manager carried out an initial survey at UWE to fully comprehend the client’s needs and to maximise the opportunities of the lab. Once transparently quoted and advised, our engineer was sent to site to start working.

Our gas engineer isolated the existing gas supply at the solenoid location with 2x manual valves and solenoid. A tightness test was carried out for the existing pipework and let by the valves. After purging a section of pipework, he carried out alterations and installed a new isolation valve to supply the upgraded pipework.

Following the alterations, a strength test was carried out using air as the test medium. Another tightness test was carried out using gas as the test medium. Both tests passed and we pulled gas through to all of the new Bunsen burner gas taps and they successfully burned for over 10 minutes.

The project was complete and the new and improved laboratories were ready to hand back to the client.

The improved gas pipework and further burner access points has extended the capabilities of those using the labs. The client was particularly pleased that we were able to accommodate to their busy educational schedule and cause no disruption to learning.