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South West & South Wales

Find out why you should make UES your first point of call.

Our dedicated in-house electrical team has years of experience across the board when it comes to commercial and industrial design and installation.

Being able to design and install any project under one roof enables us to simplify channels of communication and offer a swift, comprehensive service.

Our commercial electrician repairing system controls on an HVAC system
System Controls

To compliment the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning projects we are most recognised for, our electricians are on hand to upgrade and maintain the accompanying system controls to regulate operations and keep the units performing at their maximum capabilities.

Most system controls are programmable and allow the building owners to have more control over the heating or cooling units.

Program features in the system include time schedules, setpoints, controllers, logic, timers, trend logs, and alarms. Alarms generated by the system can be sent to building owners from local or remote locations.

Solar panels on a commercial property in the sun set
Solar PV & Battery Storage

Solar panels capture energy from the sun and convert it into electricity that you can use in your building. By installing solar panels in your commercial property, you can generate your own renewable electricity.

Solar panels on commercial property have a huge amount of benefits; carbon emissions are lowered, future fluctuations in electricity prices are offset, and unused rooftop space is put to good use.

UES recommends battery storage to be used in conjunction with solar PV systems to store unused energy ready to distribute on demand. 

Our team can plan, implement, install, and maintain your solar system.

An EV charging point connected to an electric vehicle
EV Charging

Electric vehicles are more popular than ever, and with that comes the demand for more EV charging points.

If your business is making the switch to electric vehicles, we are on hand to offer full consultancy, installation and maintenance services for any size of commercial or office premises.

We also have a wide range of experience working with public transport and offer the most efficient service tailored specifically for your requirements.

A commercial flood light at a sports and leisure centre in the rain
Lighting & Power

We offer state-of-the-art interior and exterior lighting solutions for all commercial premises.

The right lighting can have a huge effect on how your space looks and feels, as well as massively contribute towards reducing your energy consumption.

LED lights typically use 50-90% less energy than halogen lights and there are a huge array to choose from.

Whatever space you are shine a light on, our electrical team has years of experience behind them to advise you in the best direction.

Electrical inspection and testing in a commercial and industrial environment
Inspection & Testing

Of course, all electronic appliances have a lifeline, but if you look after your equipment it will look after you.

Regular inspection and testing of appliances ensures the safety of those working within the property, as well as the property itself.

Our team can minimise electricity-related hazards by detecting faulty wires, corroded parts, missing parts etc.

To ensure safety against electric shock, safety against fire and heat damage, and to make sure that your building is following correct wiring regulations, give UES a call today.