Case Study

Lady of the Rosary

The core stages of this project were completed over the six-week school holidays of summer 2021 with final pipework completed in the October half term.

We won the work as part of a tender submitted by consultants who we have a long-lasting relationship with. After being trusted over the last four years to confidently complete a series of big school refurbishments in just the six-week holidays, UES was given the nod of approval to undertake another huge challenge over the summer months.

The school needed some serious care due to several issues in and around the grounds. For some time, there had been continuous high-temperature readings on the cold-water supply, mostly due to scaling in the pipework causing a lack of flow. The water supplies were also being stored in a warm area in the ceiling, ultimately leading to more temperature raises.

The heating system was outdated, and the existing boilers were failing every winter season. The heat emitters also lacked efficiency and the internal pipework had reduced flow in several areas. Everything put together meant that the school was in a particularly vulnerable state, and these issues desperately needed fixing before the students returned and we started to head into the winter months.

The inside of Broadmead Baptist Church in the centre of Bristol
Commercial heating boiler install at Broadmead Baptist Church
Commercial heating boiler install at Broadmead Baptist Church

This was obviously a huge job in a very limited timescale and one that would require speed, accuracy, and efficiency. A thorough survey was commenced to analyse the best way to resolve the issues and after some behind-the-scenes reporting and collaborative discussions, a date was set to begin the works and our engineers were out the door and ready to go.

As the time schedule for the job was so restricted, some priorities needed to be established so that the most vulnerable parts of the school were fixed first. One of these was to achieve the replacement of the entire cold-water system as well as the boilers being replaced as part of a whole plant room refit. The new efficient condensing boilers were connected to the existing pipework via a strainer, a dirt and air separator and a plate heat exchanger, with a system flush to protect the new system.

UES were able to exceed expectations with the prioritised works, surpassing the six-week targets and also managing to install the majority of the new heating system pipework and the heat emitters. When the six weeks were over, the students returned to a fully operational school that was able to provide hugely improved heating and cold water.

Commercial heating boiler install at Broadmead Baptist Church
Commercial heating boiler install at Broadmead Baptist Church

This project was a great opportunity to showcase the huge variety of services that UES can offer. Accompanying our heating, plumbing, and gas works, our electrical team was on hand to wire all of the fan convectors and their sensors, as well as install a completely new control system.