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Find out why you should make UES your first point of call.

From smaller combination boiler installations to complete central plant room refits serving multiple zones, our Gas Safe and Oftec qualified engineers carry a wealth of experience to every job they’re faced with.

Whatever project is at hand, UES confidently delivers with the consistent quality workmanship that we’ve become renowned for over the last 35 years.

We have installed commercial and industrial heating systems in schools, warehouses, office blocks, religious buildings, sporting facilities, and many more. With such a diverse client base, we have developed a firm and unique understanding of different requirements for a variety of building types.

UES can advise you on the most effective heating and ventilation systems for your specific needs, from initial contact to complete turnkey installation. We also have a services and maintenance team to look after your system in the years that follow, where you can sit back and know that we’ve got your building covered.

 Sustainability is at the core of our business and we will always prioritise the best ways to put your systems on a greener path. We work closely with industry leaders using the most innovative technology on the market to ensure your installation is as efficient as possible.

Our mechanical services can be found in more detail below. If you require assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our contracts team is more than happy to advise you on the best solution.

Commercial boiler installation with 3no condensing Vaillant units at Broadmead Baptist Church in Bristol City Centre
Heating, Boiler Installations, Servicing & Maintenance

Throughout our years of experience, our engineers have seen it all. If your boiler is suffering from an unexpected fault or breakdown, UES are on hand as your local boiler repair specialists.

We understand the impact a faulty boiler can have on essential operations in your business, so we have a dedicated servicing and maintenance team to carry out preventative measures to keep your system as healthy as possible.

If your boiler has unfortunately reached the point of no repair, our contracts team can advise you in the right direction before giving our engineers the go ahead. Before long you’ll have a state-of-the-art system installed, helping you save on energy consumption and long term costs.

A warm air heater installation carried out by UES at a First Bus engineering depot in Bristol City Centre
Warm Air & Radiant Heating

Warm Air and Radiant Heating are go-to solutions when aiming to maintain consistent heat across large-scale premises, a prime example being industrial spaces such as production warehouses.

Suspended from the wall or ceiling, a huge advantage of warm air heaters is that they don’t require any floor space. Warm air heating systems work by increasing the air temperature in a space, which consequently warms the people working there.

On the other hand, instead of heating the air, radiant heating emits infrared radiation directly onto people and other surfaces in its path.

A renewable Vaillant air source heat pump
Heat Pumps

Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pumps are sustainable systems that can provide heat to your building without emitting greenhouse gases.

Both heat pumps have their benefits and differences, and if you’re thinking of investing in renewables it’s important to make the right choice.

Get in touch to see if air source or ground source heat pumps are the best option for you when lowering your carbon footprint.

Mechanical heat ventilation units at GCP Architects fitted by Bristol based HVAC company UES
Air Conditioning & Ventilation

Effective ventilation has huge benefits, not only for air regulation and for controlling impurities, but it can also be detrimental to our health.

Chances of asthma, allergies, headaches and respiratory problems can all be greatly reduced with good ventilation all year round.

Air conditioning and ventilation systems work together to provide heating and cooling as well as extract stale air from a building while allowing fresh clean air to enter from the outside, ensuring there is a constant flow of fresh air coming into the workplace.

Air handling unit at the BRI
Air Handling Units

Air handling units are a complete package solution that benefit from combining heating, cooling and ventilation in a single unit.

The air is distributed via ductwork to various designated areas around the building and when coupled with the correct controls can provide optimised levels of comfort.

Because of their large size, air handling units are most commonly assigned to large scale commercial and industrial premises.

Gas pipework testing at a First Bus depot carried out by Bristol based engineering company UES
Pipework Installations

Gas pipework testing covers tightness tests, strength tests, and gas purging. These tests are critical for ensuring that your gas pipework and installations are in a good condition and safe to use.

UES advises that all gas pipework is inspected and tested annually during your regular gas appliance servicing.