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Experienced and responsive Gas Safe Registered commercial heating engineers.

Our multi-accredited heating and plumbing engineers specialise in all commercial and industrial heating systems. We’re here at every stage of the journey, from initial design and installation to maintenance and repairs in the long term.

Commercial heating requirements come in all different shapes and sizes. A considered approach ensures your building performs as efficiently as possible, and our heating engineers are the best in their field.

We always prioritise the most productive and cost-effective way to heat your property. There are so many commercial heating systems available and it’s important to know which one will best suit your needs. We’ll make sure that your investment is the right one.

We’re OFTEC, Gas Safe, FGAS, and Safe Contractor certified, so you’ll have peace of mind that our work is safe, reliable, and completed to the highest of standards.

Industrial boiler installation
Industrial warm air heater installation

Central Heating Installation, Maintenance, and Repairs

Central heating systems rely on a central heat source to distribute heat and hot water round a property. The most traditional heat source in a commercial central heating system is one or more boilers depending on the size of the building.

A commercial central heating system can also be made a lot more efficient by incorporating a renewable heat source such as an air source heat pump.

Our heating engineers only install the most efficient and reliable boilers from trusted manufacturers. Our installations are built to last, and with regular servicing and maintenance, we’ll help save you safe of any unexpected repairs. Regular check ups also ensure that your system will always be running as energy efficiently as possible.

Radiant heater installation

Warm Air & Radiant Heating

We’ve specialised in industrial heating since we were founded. Radiant and warm air heaters are two highly effective systems for heating large spaces such as a warehouse or a factory.

Warm air heaters increase the air temperature in a space, whilst radiant heaters emit infrared radiation directly onto surfaces in its path.

Commercial Pipework & Plumbing

With our comprehensive range of commercial plumbing services, we guarantee that your water needs will be diligently attended to throughout every season.

Rest assured that our team is committed to providing you with reliable solutions to maintain optimal water flow and functionality.

Commercial water heater installation in an industrial warehouse
Commercial gas installation at UWE science labs

Gas Installations & Purging

We highly recommend scheduling an annual Gas Safety check for all gas appliances as a crucial precautionary measure.

Gas tightness testing, an essential safety procedure, guarantees the safety of industrial or commercial gas pipework by carefully monitoring any pressure loss using calibrated equipment. Gas purging effectively eliminates any potentially hazardous gas from the line by introducing an inert gas into the pipe. 

Air Handling Units

Air handling units (AHU) are a complete package solution that benefit from combining heating, cooling, and ventilation in a single unit.

The air is distributed via ductwork to various designated areas around the building and when couple with the correct controls can provide optimised levels of comfort.

Air handling units are most commonly used in large commercial and industrial premises.

Air Handling Unit installation at BRI
Air source heat pump installation at UWE

Air Source Heat Pumps

A wet central heating system can be made a lot more efficient by incorporating a renewable heat source such as an air source heat pump.

Air source heat pumps work by transforming heat from the outside air into water. The heat from the air is absorbed into a fluid and passed through a heat exchanger. The heat pump then raises the temperature of the fluid and transfers that heat to water.

Water Heaters

We offer a diverse selection of high-performance, energy-efficient commercial water heaters to ensure you always have a dependable supply of hot water whenever you need it.

Whether your property necessitates a storage-based or tankless water heater, our specialisation lies in both types to cater to your specific requirements and capabilities.

With our team of skilled heating engineers, your  water heater installation, maintenance, and repair needs are in capable hands.

Lochinvar commercial water heater installation

Air Barriers & Curtains

An Air Barrier creates a ‘virtual door’ by re-circulating ambient air and forcing it across an opening to create up to a 90% seal. The seal separates the atmosphere on either side and stops the transfer of temperature, humidity, and dust.

Air Barriers have many benefits such as reducing demand on heating and air conditioning. They are perfect for industrial spaces such as warehouse and manufacturing facilities and food production.

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