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Renewable & energy-efficient services for commercial properties.

UES are forward-thinking Renewable Contractors in Bristol, the South West & South Wales. We pride ourselves on helping place as many commercial and industrial buildings on a greener path as possible.

Our industry finds itself in a particularly exciting time. As we progress towards net zero, we are surrounded by change. renewable and energy-efficient services that we can offer are advancing at a rapid pace and we are welcoming the opportunity to apply them wherever we can.

We install and maintain renewables including air source heat pumps and solar PV. All of these services lower your carbon footprint and help you make long-term savings.

Services such as underfloor heating and heat recovery units are the most energy-efficient ways to keep the air inside the building comfortable and ventilated.

Rounds of government grants and funding are often released for businesses to spend on energy-saving improvements to cut utility bills. We can advise you in the right direction and help you access the funding you’re entitled to, before offering completely turnkey installations.

Commercial solar pv installation

Solar PV & Battery Storage

Solar panels capture energy from the sun and convert it into electricity that you can use in your building. By installing solar PV in your commercial property, you can generate your own renewable electricity.

Solar PV in commercial property has a huge amount of benefits. Carbon emissions are lowered, future fluctuations in electricity prices are offset, and unused rooftop space is put to good use.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps differ from regular heating systems as they don’t generate heat directly.

Instead of burning fuel or converting electricity into heat, these heat pumps move existing heat energy from outside straight into your building.

By producing more heat energy than the electrical energy they require, they are deemed a highly efficient heat source. 

Air source heat pump installation at UWE

Rainwater Harvesting & Water Irrigation

Rainwater harvesting not only allows you to embrace the British weather but also provides significant savings with every rainfall.

By collecting water from the roof and storing it in a tank, you have a readily available supply for various purposes, including toilet flushing and ground maintenance like water irrigation.

To ensure optimal performance, we offer boosted cold-water sets that maximise water pressure. This ensures that your ground staff always have a positive experience and can carry out their tasks with ease.

With rainwater harvesting and boosted cold-water sets, you can make the most of rainwater resources, reduce water consumption, and promote sustainability. Your reliance on external water sources decreases, allowing you to enjoy cost savings while maintaining an efficient and environmentally friendly approach to water usage.

Underfloor Heating

After effectively distributing heat inside the building, it becomes essential to explore energy-efficient methods to maintain consistent warmth throughout all areas.

Underfloor heating presents an excellent solution for reducing costs and minimising carbon footprint, while offering the added advantage of eliminating cold spots that can occur with traditional radiators. Underfloor systems are not only efficient to operate but also provide customised temperature control, allowing you to tailor the heating to your specific preferences.

By opting for underfloor heating, you can enjoy the benefits of enhanced energy efficiency, reduced heating expenses, and a more comfortable and evenly heated environment. With effortless operation and the elimination of cold spots, underfloor heating offers a practical and eco-friendly approach to maintaining optimal warmth in your building.

Mechanical Heat Recovery Units

Mechanical heat recovery ventilation units play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy indoor environment by supplying filtered fresh air from the outside while simultaneously extracting stale air from the inside.

What sets these units apart is their heat recovery element, which efficiently transfers the heat that would typically be lost into the incoming airflow. This process allows for the preservation of valuable heat energy, contributing to energy savings and reducing wastage.

By implementing mechanical heat recovery ventilation units, you can effectively ventilate your commercial space, ensuring a constant supply of fresh air. Furthermore, the long-term benefits include improved indoor air quality, cost savings through energy efficiency, and a significant reduction in carbon emissions. This makes these units an excellent investment for promoting a healthier and more sustainable working environment.

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