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Reliable and experienced NICEIC approved commercial & industrial electricians.

With our dedicated team of in-house commercial electrical contractors, we bring years of experience and expertise to the table when it comes to design and installation services.

Having the ability to handle all aspects of mechanical & electrical services internally allows us to streamline communication channels and provide a seamless and efficient service. By offering a comprehensive approach, we focus on delivering long-term savings and enhancing energy efficiency for your project.

Whether it’s electrical design, installation, or maintenance, our team is equipped to meet your needs. We prioritise effective collaboration and a holistic approach to ensure that your project is completed to the highest standards, with a strong emphasis on energy optimisation and cost-effective solutions. With our in-house team, you can trust us to deliver a swift and reliable service tailored to your requirements.

Commercial electrician installing solar PV in Bristol
Commercial solar pv installation

Why UES?

Being able to offer a huge range of commercial M&E services from a single point of contact not only saves our clients time and money but streamlines every project from initial design and consultation to final commissioning and continued maintenance.

Our commercial electricians work across a vast range of sectors – from sports & leisure, education, places of worship, healthcare, transport, and much more. No project is deemed too big or too small and you can expect unparalleled customer service every time.

Energy efficiency and long-term savings are at the forefront of our business, and that certainly rings true throughout our electrical services. Whether it’s installing LED lighting, underfloor heating, or covering your roof with solar PV, we’ve got you covered.

BMS Controls

Our HVAC installations should be perfectly paired with a modern control system to regulate operations and keep appliances performing to their maximum capabilities.

Most system controls are programmable and allow users full manual control over the heating or cooling units. Program features in the system include time schedules, setpoints, controllers, logic, timers, trend logs, and alarms. Alarms generated by the system can be sent to building owners from local or remote locations.

Commercial Solar PV & Battery Storage

Solar PV has become a popular renewable energy resource for commercial buildings of all sizes. Solar PV works by converting sunlight into electricity and has the option of storing that energy in batteries for on-demand use.

Commercial solar PV is a trusted way to reduce your operating costs and your carbon footprint.

A financial and environmentally sound choice, advantages include renewable energy free from fossil fuels, a clean source of electrical power, long-term energy savings, and increased property value.

Electric Vehicle EV Charging

The popularity of electric vehicles is soaring, leading to an increased demand for EV charging points. If your business is transitioning to electric vehicles, our team of experienced and innovative electrical engineers is ready to provide comprehensive consultancy, installation, and maintenance services for commercial and office premises of any size.

We understand the unique needs and challenges associated with EV infrastructure, and our team has a wealth of expertise in this field. Additionally, our experience extends beyond commercial and office premises. We have successfully worked with commercial transport sectors, offering tailored and efficient services to meet their specific needs.

With our dedicated team and commitment to providing the most efficient solutions, you can trust us to deliver reliable and effective EV charging infrastructure customised to your requirements.

Lighting & Power

Installing energy efficient LED lighting in your commercial property is essential for savings on your energy bill.

The right lighting not only contributes towards energy consumption but also has a huge effect on how your space looks and feels. LED Lighting typically uses 50-90% less energy than halogen lights and there is a huge selection to choose from.

Our electrical team also install and maintain emergency lighting in case of a power outage. Using an approved electrical contractor ensures your building is as safe as possible, and an emergency lighting system can provide you with peace of mind.

Inspection & Testing

Every electrical appliance has a lifespan, but taking good care of your equipment ensures its reliability and longevity. Regular inspection and testing of appliances is crucial to ensure the safety of everyone within the property and to protect the property itself.

Our team of commercial electrical engineers specialises in minimising electricity-related hazards by identifying and addressing issues such as faulty wires, corroded parts, or missing components.

By conducting thorough inspections, we prioritise safety measures to mitigate the risks of electric shock, fire, and heat damage. Moreover, we ensure that your building adheres to the correct wiring regulations, further enhancing safety standards.

With our expertise and commitment to safety, you can trust us to safeguard your property, protect its occupants, and provide peace of mind through thorough inspection and testing of your electrical appliances.

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