Commercial & Industrial Plumbing in Bristol, the South West, and South Wales

Commercial plumbing and heating services for every building.

Our multi-accredited fleet of heating and plumbing engineers specialise in all types of commercial and industrial plumbing services. Our services range from drainage systems, taps, toilets, and shower fittings, to central heating installations and repairs.

A local presence means we’re never far away with emergency plumbers readily available in case of a water emergency. All our experienced heating and plumbing engineers are Gas Safe Registered, providing you with absolute peace of mind.

Commercial water heater installation in an industrial warehouse
Industrial boiler installation

Emergency Boiler & Central Heating Repairs

Our team of plumbers is readily available throughout the year to cater to your commercial heating maintenance and repair needs.

Whether you’re experiencing issues such as cold spots on radiators, leaking pipes, error codes on boilers, or a complete lack of heating, we are equipped to handle it all.

In addition to addressing immediate concerns, we also prioritise the efficiency of your central heating system. By ensuring optimal performance, we help keep your energy bills at a minimum, saving you valuable resources while maintaining a comfortable environment.

With our comprehensive range of services, you can rely on us to deliver reliable and efficient solutions for all your commercial heating requirements.

Commercial Drainage

Proper installation and regular maintenance of a suitable commercial drainage system for your property are crucial in effectively redirecting rainwater and water flow. Taking proactive measures to address drainage concerns will safeguard you from emergency leaks and potential flooding incidents.

We offer comprehensive services to meet your commercial drainage needs. Our expertise includes carrying out excavation repairs for damaged or blocked drains, both inside and outside your commercial property. By ensuring clear drains, we ensure the smooth flow of water, preventing disruptions and potential issues.

Our preventative commercial surveys play a key role in identifying potential problems before they escalate. By conducting thorough surveys, we can identify any underlying issues and recommend necessary measures, potentially saving you from future challenges, especially during adverse weather conditions.

Water Pressure

Dealing with low water pressure in your water supply can be highly frustrating, but there are effective plumbing services available to enhance your water flow.

We have witnessed the significant impact that improved water pressure can have in various commercial sectors. For instance, in sports clubs, we have successfully installed boosted cold-water systems to ensure a consistently pressurised water supply for water irrigation equipment.

By implementing boosted cold-water sets, we guarantee that the efficiency of your water supply remains uncompromised, regardless of your building’s specific requirements. These systems are designed to optimise water flow and maintain adequate pressure, providing a reliable solution to enhance your overall water supply performance.

Commercial Washrooms

Commercial Plumbing services come in all different sizes – perhaps the most obvious that comes to mind is a new washroom installation for your workplace.

We specialise in the design, installation, and maintenance of showers, taps, and sinks within your property. Accessibility comes as a priority so that everyone can feel the benefits.

State-of-the-art facilities in your building such as a high-spec washroom installation helps enhance your workplace environment. These facilities can help make the workplace a more enjoyable and comfortable place to be for employees.

Low Surface Temperature Radiators (LSTs)

Low surface temperature radiators are the ideal solution for commercial sectors such as education and healthcare. They have a low surface temperature when touched so potential injuries from small or vulnerable hands can be avoided.

LSTs boast high performance and energy efficiency whilst being robust and compatible with safety concerns. They reach required temperatures quickly and are more cost-effective than other heating solutions.

Water Heaters

We offer a diverse selection of condensing, energy-efficient commercial water heaters to ensure that you always have a dependable and readily available source of hot water.

Our specialisation lies in both storage-based and tankless water heaters, allowing us to cater to your specific property requirements and capabilities. Whether you need a water heater with ample storage capacity or a compact tankless solution, we have you covered.

Rest assured that our team of highly skilled heating engineers are experts in all aspects of water heater installation, maintenance, and repair.

Lochinvar commercial water heater installation

System Filtration

Installing and maintaining the correct central heating filters makes a huge difference to the protection of your heating system.

Magnetic filters help remove up to 100% of black iron oxide (the black sludge inside your system) and restore the flow to its maximum potential. If you have cold radiators, strange boiler noises, or even boiler leaks, you may be in need of a sludge removal!

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