Mechanical Power Installations & Mains Distribution in Bristol and South West

Mechanical power installation for BMS controls

Power up your operations with our experienced electrical team. We’re ready to seamlessly deliver mechanical power installations and mains distribution projects.

From a one-off service to a fully integrated installation project, we have the expertise to deliver to any type of building. This includes offices, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and educational premises.

Mechanical Power Installations

Proven Industrial Expertise

We have extensive experience providing mechanical power installations and mains distribution solutions for industrial facilities. We understand the unique power requirements and challenges the industrial sector faces and have the knowledge to design and implement robust and efficient power systems tailored to your needs.

Scalability & Future Proofing

We design our power systems with scalability in mind, allowing for future expansion and growth of your industrial operations. Our solutions are future-proofed, considering industry advancements and evolving power demands, ensuring your system remains efficient and adaptable.

Efficient Solutions & Repairs

We optimise main distribution systems for commercial buildings by implementing load management strategies. Load management strategies include intelligent distribution panel configurations, load balancing, and peak-demand management. This ensures efficient power distribution across various areas and systems within the building.

Our commitment to our clients extends beyond the installation phase. We offer complete maintenance and support services to keep your power systems running smoothly. Our team of skilled technicians provides regular inspections, preventive maintenance, and swift troubleshooting to minimise downtime and maximise productivity.

With our dedicated customer service team available around the clock, you can rely on us to promptly address any concerns or issues that may arise.

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Whether you require a new mechanical power installation or an upgrade to your existing mains distribution system, UES is your trusted partner. We have a proven track record of successfully delivering projects across various industries. Contact UES to unlock the full potential of your operations.