A new Solar PV system for Climalife in Aztec West.


Earlier this summer, we were fortunate enough to complete a solar PV installation for Climalife – one of the UK’s leading distributors of refrigerants. The three-storey Aztec West office block had looked for alternative energy solutions after facing rising bills and wanting to become more environmentally independent.

After a site survey and reviewing our design and projections, Climalife were pleased to accept our quotation and for the installation to commence.

Commercial Solar PV installation for an office block
Solar panel installation at offices

What was the solution?

The project faced numerous challenges – the 12 metre-high slate roof covering two aspects being one of them. We used our expertise to securely and safely pitch the 3.5-lift scaffolding around the building and set our renewable engineers to work.

The new 35-panel system will generate 12,518 kWh over a typical year. 15% (1,896 kWh) will be used directly in the property, and the remaining 85% (10,622 kWh) will be exported to the grid. The property is expected to consume 4600 kWh of electricity each year, with the solar array directly providing 41% (1,896 kWh).

What was the result?

Financially, the payback time for Climalife is ten years. Looking at the long term, over 25 years, they will save an estimated £25,800 in electricity savings and £24,000 in export payments. We are incredibly pleased to help another business in its journey towards a lower carbon footprint and long-term cost savings.

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