A Solar PV Installation for Down Hatherley Cricket Club.


Down Hatherley Cricket Club is a flourishing club in Gloucester’s rural outskirts. Recognising the club’s potential and drive towards sustainability, Gloucestershire Cricket Foundation (GCF) strategically aligned funding to upgrade its facilities through the England and Wales Cricket Board’s (ECB) County Grant Fund. The club is familiar with the green movement, and apart from its primary sporting goals, it has already been active in several sustainable initiatives. These include their commitment to stocking the bar with recyclable packaging where possible and their plantation of 200+ hedge saplings. The saplings will provide a refuge for local wildlife, encompassing birds, mammals, and insects.

Down Hatherley CC
Solar panels on a roof

What was the solution?

To bolster their sustainable efforts and efficiently use the ECB funding, the club worked with UES and Gloucestershire Cricket Foundation to install a solar PV system. After a detailed site evaluation and considering the club’s energy needs, UES designed a system to generate 2,636 kWh annually.

What was the result?

Post-installation, the solar PV system has reduced the club’s carbon footprint and recurring expenses. The club will now save £400 on its annual electricity bills, which, over the lifespan of the solar panels, amounts to significant savings for club development activities.

The system will save 560kg each year in CO2 emissions, equivalent to 2400 miles of driving. This direct contribution towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions aligns with the club’s vision of being environmentally responsible.

Down Hatherley CC now sets an exemplary model for other clubs. From using recyclable packaging to creating a haven for wildlife, its holistic approach to sustainability makes it a true champion in sports and environmental responsibility.

Commercial Solar PV installation for an office block
Entrance to Down Hatherley CC

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