A Warm Air Heating Installation for Fitness Worx.


This Warm Air Heating installation was completed at Fitness Worx in the summer of 2021. Their Bristol gym was struggling to keep consistent heat over winter and needed a reliable solution. 

When UES was founded over 35 years ago, we primarily specialised in Warm Air Heating. This experience helped us recognise a Warm Air Heater would be the perfect appliance for this industrial space. 

Industrial warm air heater installation
Fitness Worx gym

What was the solution?

A huge advantage of Warm Air Heating is that by being suspended from the ceiling or wall, there is no lost floor space for equipment. 

We fitted gas pipework around the perimeter of the building and the controls were upgraded. A frame was made for the heater and the appliance was safely installed. 

What was the result?

The difference in the gym after the installation was immediate.  

The vast interior was quickly filled with warm air, and it became clear that it was going to make a stark difference to customers and staff. 

What did the client think?

‘I was initially apprehensive whether the size of the warm air heater would be adequate for keeping the whole gym warm. UES got it spot on and it has worked like a dream ever since it was installed.

The best part about the heater is the timed and temperature-controlled heating, and how easy it is to use throughout the day.

It allows me to focus on my daily operations whilst knowing that both staff and customers are as comfortable as possible.’

Jack Scott, Fitness Worx

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