An LED lighting installation for a community centre in Bristol.


UES recently completed a LED lighting project for a The Greenway Centre, a large community building in Bristol.

The client had been facing challenges with high energy and maintenance costs associated with the existing fluorescent lighting. They needed a cost-effective solution that could reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs while enhancing lighting efficiency and aesthetics.

LED Lighting installation at a community centre
LED Lighting installation

What was the solution?

To achieve the client’s objectives, we followed a systematic process that involved collaboration with an energy consultant and a lighting manufacturer.

We conducted a comprehensive survey to evaluate the performance of the existing lighting against the proposed LED lighting system that included upgrading 454 fittings.

We presented our energy survey report to the client, outlining the potential cost savings (an annual £25,300), carbon footprint reduction (29,000Kg CO2e), and payback period for the new lighting system (2.5 years).

What was the result?

UES ensured that the project was executed smoothly and to the client’s satisfaction. We maintained regular communication throughout the project, providing updates on the areas completed.

During the project we rectified wiring issues with certain circuits to ensure the lights worked at optimal efficiency without charging any additional costs to the client.

The Greenway Centre will now benefit from long-term energy savings into the distant future, allowing them to reinvest back into the building and continue to make it as energy-efficient as possible.

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