A seamless Water Heater replacement at a Network Rail fuelling depot.


UES is proud to keep a strong relationship with Enerveo – acting as their preferred HVAC contractor in the Southwest.  

Our vast experience working with industrial clients has led Enerveo to trust us repeatedly. For this project, we were working on behalf of them for Network Rail, at the Canton Fuelling Depot in Swansea. 

Two gas-fired water heaters had fallen beyond economical repair and needed to be decommissioned and replaced. The problem was that these heaters were an essential part of their operation. They handled supplying hot water to showering facilities and washdown stations for the trains. 

Whilst the units were being replaced the site was subsequently staring down the possibility of being without hot water for up to three days. 

Commercial water heater installation in an industrial warehouse
Rinnai external hot water heater

What was the solution?

UES planned to supply a temporary hot water solution whilst materials were delivered, and the new units were installed. 

Firstly, an Rinnai external hot water heater was fitted outside the plant room. This was the perfect appliance for drawing hot water directly from the main supply instead of using stored water tanks. 

Temporary pipework was fitted in addition to installing a temporary cold-water supply from the booster tank. This allowed Network Rail to have uninterrupted access to hot water while we worked on the unit replacements. 

Two new condensing Lochinvar units were meanwhile fitted, and a new flue system was fixed. Finally, the two units were commissioned and set to work. 

What was the result?

Having access to the most innovative appliances is what keeps UES so forward-thinking and consistent. Quick thinking, logical planning, and quality execution undeniably helped the daily operations continue. 

Network Rail did not lose any time, business, or face any water issues that could so easily have occurred. Enerveo was again left satisfied that UES had completed the project to the highest standard. 

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