A Solar PV System Replacement and a New Roof for St Vigor School


St Vigor and St John Church of England School in Chilcompton faced a considerable setback during winter due to an irreparable leaking roof. The damage was extensive, affecting not only the structural integrity of the building but also significantly harming multiple existing solar panels. These panels were crucial for the school’s renewable energy efforts, and their unexpected failure compounded the situation’s urgency.

Solar panel replacement at St Vigor school

What was the solution?

The school collaborated with The Hookway Partnership, a trusted partner with who we have previously upgraded many schools. After thorough assessments and evaluations, The Hookway deemed replacing the entire solar PV system more cost-effective and efficient than attempting piecemeal repairs. This decision ensured long-term sustainability and reliability for the school’s energy needs.

What was the result?

As a result, sixty-four state-of-the-art modern solar panels now line the brand-new school roof, greatly enhancing its capacity to generate electricity. These new panels boast twice the electricity output of the previous system, positioning the school to meet its energy needs more efficiently. The installation was completed just in time for summer, allowing St Vigor to benefit immediately from the increased energy production.

In a further commitment to sustainability and community support, we donated the existing working solar panels to a local farmer. This donation ensures that the still-functional panels will have an extended lifespan, continuing to provide renewable energy benefits in a different setting.

A solar panel installation at St Vigor Primary School

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