A 99-Panel Solar PV Installation for Weston-Super-Mare A.F.C.


Weston-Super-Mare A.F.C., a community-focused football club, recognised the need to upgrade their facilities with an eye towards energy efficiency. The goal was not only to contribute to environmental sustainability but also to decrease operational costs. However, like many clubs, they faced financial constraints that made such significant investment challenging.

Solar PV installation at Weston-Super-Mare A.F.C
Commercial solar PV installation at a sports club

What was the solution?

Upon evaluating the club’s facilities, we identified that the Home stand, with its extensive surface area, was an ideal location for a Solar PV installation. The stand could accommodate a substantial 99-panel system. Solar PV was an obvious choice given its potential for high energy output and contribution to reducing carbon footprint.

We took the initiative to source and allocate all funding for the project. The grant meant Weston-Super-Mare A.F.C. could proceed with the upgrade without any financial strain, not having to put their hand in their pocket once.

What was the result?

Implementing the 99-panel Solar PV system has been a game-changer for the club. It is projected to produce approximately 29,700 kWh annually, substantially reducing its reliance on traditional energy sources. Moreover, the club contributes significantly to environmental preservation by saving over 6,300kg of CO2 annual emissions.

This upgrade has positioned Weston-Super-Mare A.F.C. as a role model in embracing renewable energy solutions and demonstrated how clubs can overcome financial hurdles to achieve sustainability goals. The club can now enjoy a greener, more cost-effective operation, allowing others to pursue environmental responsibility.

Commercial solar PV installation at a sports club

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