Our Mission

Social and Environmental Impact

At the core of our mission lies a simple truth: Engineering smarter mechanical and electrical systems for a more sustainable future. But our vision extends beyond just technical prowess. It’s anchored in a commitment to both environmental and social responsibility.

We’re not just engineers; we’re community builders. Through our annual charity cricket tournament and family fun day at Portishead Cricket Club, we’ve proudly raised £15,000 to combat holiday hunger in South Bristol. We create smiles, fill plates, and build stronger ties.

In our ongoing mission to lead by example, we’ve equipped our office with a cutting-edge hybrid heating system connected to an air-source heat pump. Our fleet is mainly electric, echoing our commitment to a cleaner planet. And as we continue to grow, we’re actively pursuing the installation of solar PV, harnessing the sun’s potential for a brighter tomorrow.

But our mission continues beyond our doorstep. We’re dedicated to empowering local sports clubs in underserved areas. By helping them tap into available funding, we’re not just promoting renewable technologies but also ensuring these community hubs enjoy top-tier facilities and long-term savings. It’s our way of fostering growth, progress, and unity.

Yet, our responsibility to the planet stretches even further. Through our partnership with Ecologi, we offset our carbon footprint, contributing to tree-growing initiatives worldwide. Every tree is a testament to our promise: a greener earth and a brighter future for all.

Our journey is vast, and our mission is clear. We’re here to engineer a world where sustainability and community go hand in hand. Join us in building better, for everyone.

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